What is Europe for you? Abdicable, indispensable, a great love or a little bit of everything? We from the Museum Burg Posterstein invited to the blog parade “#SalonEuropa – Europe is for me …” (Duration: From September 23 to October 23, 2018).

We thank everyone who took part! Read the summary (in German) her:

„Diese Pluralität der Perspektiven ist Europa“ – Auswertung #SalonEuropa 4: Die Blogparade

Invitation to the blog parade “#SalonEuropa – Europe is for me …”

Thinking about Europe is more important than ever right now. Europe is in distress and in change. Where are the opportunities, where are the risks? How does Europe affect our society and culture?

Let’s connect digitally and analogously

In the salons of the Enlightenment in 19th century people discussed culture, philosophy, art, politics and social issues. We take up this variety of topics and translate the format “salon” into today – online and on site in the museum. The Museum Burg Posterstein has been researching for many years about the salon of the Duchess Anna Dorothea of ​​Courland (1761–1821). The clever and beautiful host brought together people from all over Europe during the period between the French Revolution and the Congress of Vienna.

The exhibition “#SalonEurope on site and digital” takes its starting point in this historic salon culture and captures voices from the present. The blog parade accompanies and arranges the exhibition project. The museum’s visitors can read the submitted articles locally in the exhibition and online. #SalonEurope is for us an experiment with an uncertain outcome. During the exhibition, there will regularly be summaries of the discourse. At the end of the blog parade a summary will be published in the blog.

Suggested topics for the blog parade #SalonEuropa

The hashtag #SalonEuropa stands for dialogue, culture, life, travel, politics, differences, opposites, ideas and visions in Europe. We are interested in your views on Europe. You could answer the following questions:

  • What do Europe, its countries and its people mean to me?
  • How did I get in touch with Europe? About holidays, culture (art, film, theater, literature, food culture), economy, politics, education? What did that do to me?
  • What must we talk about in Europe?
  • How can we address urgent societal challenges in Europe, such as climate change, social injustice and asylum policies? Where are the roots of Europe? What is left of it today?
  • What role do art and culture play in Europe?
  • What sets Europe apart from the rest of the world?
  • How can exchange and networking take place in Europe and why is that important?
  • You will find suggestions for writing and first thoughts about Europe on our project website. You are free in your topic choice! Everybody can participate. Also research projects and exhibitions on the subject are welcome. We look forward to your thoughts on #SalonEuropa!

What is a blog parade?

A blog parade is a temporary blog action. A blogger provides a certain subject in a blog article and other bloggers and interested people can write an article. Just link your article with the invitation of the initiator. The initiator collects, links and advertises the inputs in the social web. The aim is to illuminate a topic from different perspectives, to network and to create added value for the readers. The blog parade #SalonEuropa runs from September 23 to October 23.

We will summarize the incoming blogposts here and they will be visible in the exhibition as well:

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